Commercial & Residential Snow Removal Service in Willis and Ann Arbor, Michigan

Commercial Snow Removal in Ann Arbor, MI

Here in Southeast Michigan, there is no denying that the winter months can be brutal. Homeowners have it bad enough when the time comes to pull out the snow blower and plow the length of their driveway, but business owners have to deal with snow removal on a whole other level. Fortunately, Looking Good Lawns is ready and willing to provide snow removal services for businesses in need throughout Ann Arbor, Canton Township and surrounding areas.

It’s not uncommon for more than 50 inches of snow to fall in our area during a single season, making it difficult to keep up and manage on your own – especially when the snow becomes thick and heavy. As a business owner, however, this cannot become an excuse. The last thing that you want is for business to suffer or for someone to fall and get injured on your property because customers did not have a clear path to your office or storefront.

At Looking Good Lawns, we employ snow removal specialists who are highly experienced in operating snow plow equipment and who understand the importance of being timely and consistent.

Rather than waking up extra early on cold winter mornings and breaking your back year after year trying to remove the snow on your own, give us a call. Looking Good Lawns offers free estimates and fair pricing based on the size of your lot and your specific needs. Once we have a snow removal contract drawn up and signed, we can get to work on saving you a bit of hassle and ensuring your customers and employees have a safe and clear path throughout the duration of the long winter season.

To inquire further about our snow removal services in Ann Arbor, Livonia, Canton Township and surrounding areas throughout Southeast Michigan, call Looking Good Lawns at 734-330-0719 today.