Mulch Delivery & Installation Services

Mulch Delivery & Installation Services

In landscaping, we utilize mulch fora variety of reasons, such as to improve the health of the soil, conserve moisture and reduce weed growth. It’s also a great way to incorporate different colors and textures in your landscape and create clean lines throughout.

Here at Looking Good Lawns, we provide mulch delivery and installation services in the following variety of colors:

  • Black mulch
  • Tan mulch
  • Red mulch
  • Gray mulch

The best way to determine which color is best for you is to take a look around your commercial property. The color scheme of the building itself, as well as the existing or proposed landscape design will give you hints on which color mulch would work best in that area.

Another option that is popular for commercial landscaping projects is the use of low-lying plants that are habitually known to spread. These plants and flowers are often referred to as “ground cover” because they are literally able to cover a lot of ground. Depending on the type of horticulture you choose, it can also add a ton of color and vibrancy to the property.

At Looking Good Lawns, we are proud to serve the Southeast Michigan region with all their commercial landscaping needs. Regardless of whether you are starting from scratch and want to learn more about different types of ground cover, or you are satisfied with your existing design but are in need of fresh mulch, we would be happy to assist.

To inquire about a custom quote or to receive a free estimate on mulch delivery and installation services in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas within Southeast Michigan, contact Looking Good Lawns today at 734-330-0719.